APT Padel Tour’s ambitious project to expand and professionalize the paddle tennis worldwide, needed a modernization of its visual identity and the definition of a brand archetype that would help to properly structure the graphic system of the circuit.

We face an interesting challenge. To evolve and visually unify all the brands belonging to the business conglomerate to which the APT Padel Tour circuit belongs. Giving it its own character without losing its essence, with a new, more modern, dynamic and sporty style.


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The typographies chosen for the project play a fundamental role in the construction of the circuit’s identity. A clean and modern main typography combined with a more disruptive secondary typography, with an energetic and sporty character, which helps to represent the dynamism, movement and fast nature of the sport.

To give the brand a unique personality without making it a complex brand, became the main objective of the team when developing the project. APT Padel Tour is a worldwide circuit, which generates around the brand multiple applications and touch points, both physically and digitally.

We created a flexible and adaptable brand for any digital application. With the aim that its operation was consistent on screen both in creativities for social media channels, as well as during broadcasts or used with photographic material.

Por otro lado, APT Padel Tour es capaz de pasar de ser una marca dinámica y vibrante en entornos digitales a tener un aspecto elegante y de calidad en sus aplicaciones más corporativas. A su vez, esta linea visual más limpia y menos cargada de elementos, permite que esta faceta offline de la marca funcione a la perfección en pista dejando el protagonismo a los jugadores.