Creators Madrid with adidas Global

From adidas global, we receive a briefing to present the new campaign of Ultraboost 19. Competing with the other 40 cities of the adidas runner community, Madrid and other six cities were chosen.

The short film we have made is about five artists or creators of the city of Madrid, that use the running as a means of escaping from the problems that surround them. They run to move from those moments of creative block, and to meet with new people.

The new culture of running is no longer related with beat records. You run in a social way, to meet new people or to share ideas. Basically, you run for fun and this is what we wanted to express in this short film that you can see in the Adidas social networks from April.

In this case we opted for the highest quality, the camera Red Epic Helium 8k. Here you can see the result