Mahou Urban Football

A challenge. To position Mahou as the beer of amateur soccer, of the third half, trying to offer an original, relevant and fresh proposal of activation. To achieve this, an urban amateur soccer community was created, breaking with stereotypes and creating an environment where to share experiences through soccer with a Mahou. All this centered around an amateur soccer tournament in a cage: “the cage”.


An event characterized by urban style, with more than +500 people during the weekend where there was a variety of music, gastronomy and parallel activities. Urban artists such as Afrojuice195, Zazo&Gxurmet and YouTubers DjMarRiiO or Cacho01 participated. Unique gear that in the second edition was made by the artists Maria Ke Fisherman and LATIGO.






People in each edition



Lucas Vazquez

Besides all the artists who participated, in the 1st Mahou Urban Football edition we had the presence of the Real Madrid player, Lucas Vazquez, who performed a show with Guido Freestyle.


Thanks to the urban format and disruptive style of Mahou Urban Football, we have been able to produce very interesting pieces of content to attract the younger audience that Mahou required. An event temporarily stopped for Covid19 that will once again offer the best street soccer in Madrid.