380 obtains the sponsorship as event sponsor of Arriaga Asociados for InterMovistar. InterMovistar, as organizer of the UEFA Elite Round, needed an event sponsor and offered an interesting sponsor package.


After a great work between the marketing and communication team of the club and 380, we can say that the results obtained from the sponsorship were very positive, getting Arriaga Asociados the following data, audited by Kantar Media:


Total impact rating on TV and TV media: € 2,118,237

News in press (only written): 1,934 news – 6.432 references

Live matches for Teledeporte:

Match 1: 350,000 viewers – 2’2% share

Match 2: 386,000 viewers – 2’1% share

Match 3: 564,000 viewers – 3’2% share

In addition each party had 4 retransmissions by Teledeporte.