The Iker Casillas Foundation, in the hands of BBVA, participates in a Clinic for 250 children in Caracas.

The goalkeeper of the Spanish team as president of the foundation that bears his name, participated in an act of BBVA, where he offered a press conference, and subsequently held a clinic with children in the stadium of the Central University of Venezuela.

Iker Casillas put on the gloves and stopped the shots of the 250 children belonging to schools subsidized by the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Education (AVEC) and those who make up the network of Fe y Alegría, who are part of the Scholarship Integration Program The BBVA Provincial Foundation.

All groups of children participating in the activity had the opportunity to interact with Iker Casillas, who strove to convey the fundamental values that the sport offers and had a particular session of penalties.

The alliance that Iker Casillas and BBVA Provincial played in Venezuela this time was part of the strategy to support the sport that has been strongly promoted by the Venezuelan financial institution since 2008 through various agreements and initiatives. Help in the vision of the Institution to work for a better future for people, promoting their commitment to football, a universal sport that promotes the values of teamwork, effort, improvement and fair play with which the entity and the Iker Foundation Casillas is fully identified.