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LEGAL WARNING380 AROUND MARKETING S.L, with CIF number B86853579 and address at Avda. de la Iglesia 7 C.P.: 28223 – Pozuelo de Alarcón  (MADRID)

Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume: 31623, Sheet: 22, Section: 8, Page: M-569024st registration 06/11/2013


1. The intellectual property rights of the website, as well as its design, navigation structure, source codes, databases, and each and every one of the different elements contained therein are owned by 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L. to whom it corresponds exclusively its exploitation in any form and its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.


2. These general terms rule the access and use of the website that 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L gives freely to all Internet users. The access, navigation, and general use of this website implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions gathered in this document insofar these terms comply with legal requirements and do not infringe any law. Therefore, we recommend users to read them carefully before navigating this website. Using specific services offered in this website are ruled by specific conditions applying for that concrete matter, and are accepted by the simple used of the aforementioned services.


3. Users accessing the website are expressly authorized to view all information and to print and partially download its content if they comply with the following conditions:


3.1) the reproduced elements are destined only for personal and private use of the user. Therefore, it is expressly prohibited to use it for commercial purposes, distribution, public communication, transformation or decompilation, or even sending it by e-mail. It is also prohibited to transfer or transmit to third parties this content or to install it on any server connected, directly or indirectly, to a local network or Internet, so that a group of third parties can have access to such information.


3.2) That none of the contents related on this website are to be modified in any way.


3.3) That no graphic, icon or image available on this website are to be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or other images that accompany it. Any infringement of the prohibitions and limitations contained in this section, as well as in any of the following will be considered an intellectual property rights infringement against 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L and will give rise to the responsibilities legally established for this purpose, and may be prosecuted by the latter through the exercise of administrative, civil or criminal actions that, where appropriate, apply.


The User acknowledges and accepts that all industrial and intellectual property rights over the contents and / or any other element inserted in the Website (including, by way of example and not limitation, all those elements that compound the visual appearance, graphic image and other sensory stimuli of the Web sites that make up the ””, website, brands, logos, trade names, texts, reviews and comments, images, graphics, designs, sounds, databases, software, flowcharts, presentation, navigation architecture, as well as the source codes of the Web sites belong 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L and / or to third parties that have assigned their rights. For this purpose, the Website will be understood as all those creations incorporated and expressed by any means and / or tangible or intangible support, known or to be known, that are subject to protection by the regulations in place regarding intellectual and industrial property.

The visualization, printing, downloading or temporary storage, either in whole or in part, of the contents and/or of the elements inserted in the website or in the pages that form it is authorized exclusively for personal, private and non-profit use by the user, provided that in any case the origin and/or author of the same is indicated and, where appropriate, the copyright symbol and/or industrial property notes of its owners appear.

The access to the website will under no circumstances imply any type of permission, renounce, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of said rights by its owners, unless expressly stated otherwise. The present conditions of use of the website do not confer on the users any other right of use, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the website and / or its contents other than those expressly provided here. Any other use or exploitation of any rights will be subjected to the prior and express authorization specifically granted for that purpose by 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L or, where appropriate, by the third party holder of the affected rights.

It is completely prohibited the use of such elements, its total or partial reproduction, communication and/or distribution for commercial or lucrative purposes, as well as its modification, alteration, decompilation and/or any other act of exploitation of the website, its pages and/or the contents that are incorporated therein. For any use other than those expressly permitted, it will be necessary to obtain the prior written consent of the holder of the rights in question.


1. 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L has the right to carry out any modifications and updates on the content of this website at any moment. These modifications would not apply retroactively, meaning that they would not apply to shopping carried out prior to the implementations of those modifications.

2. 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L efforts to represent the image of the products offered in this website have the purpose to be as most faithful as possible. Nevertheless, some parameter or characteristics can be misleading or suffer alterations due to the image quality of your laptop or monitor.

3. 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L responsibility, or its providers for that matter, insofar any product acquired on this website is limited to the sale price, excluding, with the exception of legal requirements in opposition to it, responsibility regarding lost benefits, reduced income, or loss of profits.

4. Taking into account the changeable condition of this website and the chance of storage bugs or transmission of digital data, 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L does not guarantee the accuracy or security of data transferred or obtained through this website, although is always attempted to avoid, amend or update the content of the website as soon as possible. Does not guarantee the non-existence of interruptions or errors in the login of the website or its different contents. Neither does guarantee that the content will be available, always and updated at all times, although it will develop its best efforts to, where appropriate, avoid and correct any issue or update mentioned content as soon as possible.

5. Any link to other website and third-party material form our website are merely informative and 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L does not guarantee the lack of viruses or other elements in them that may cause alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), documents or user files, being excluded of any responsibility for damages in any kind caused to the user for this reason, not being responsible for the content of any of them, neither the changes or updates that may experience.

6. The user that access and navigates on this website commits to not falsely or fraudulently purchase anything and to behave cautiously and within legal boundaries. The user is the only responsible for the behavior during the amount of time spent navigating around this website, so the user commits to avoid an unlawful use of said website that could allowed any viruses, trojans, worms, or any other harmful device. You would not try to access through a non-authorized way to this website, or to the server in which this website is hosted or to any server, laptop or database related to this website. Therefore, the user would not carry out any denial-of-service attack nor DDoS (distributed denial-of-service). 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L would not be held responsible for any consequence of damages that could derived from that negligent access, navigation or modification that any user could perform.

7. 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L also holds the industrial property rights related to its products and services, and specifically those related to the registered trademark. Regarding quotes from third-party products and services, 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L recognizes the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights in favor of its owners, not implying its mere mention or appearance on the Web the existence of rights or 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L on them, nor the support, sponsorship, recommendation by 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L

8. The unauthorized use of any information contained in this website, its resale, as well as the intellectual or Industrial property rights owned by 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L will give rise to the legally established responsibilities.

9. Any type of third-party link to this website must be to the main or home page:


Data provided will be incorporated into processing activities, whose ownership and responsibility are held by 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L, and will be treated under the strictest confidentiality.

The Controller, as well as those involved in any phase of the processing and / or the entities to whom the data have been communicated – by virtue of the authorization granted by the USER – are obliged to observe the professional secrecy and adopt the levels of protection and the necessary technical and organizational measures at their reach that guarantee the security of personal data, avoiding, as much as possible, unauthorized accesses, illegal modifications, subtractions and / or data loss.

However, we advert and inform the USERS that those technical measurements are not infallible or impregnable, reason why, the controller cannot be held responsible for such practices or their consequences.

The personal data of the USERS, together with those originated as a result of the access, use or contracting of the service, may only be subject to automated processing and assigned in the manner and for the purpose established and expressly authorized by the USERS.



Finally, we inform you that the Controller has a right to modify or implement any changes on these terms and conditions, data protection, privacy and cookies to update them in regards to new regulations, national and continental ones. Nevertheless, they will be posted in advanced, warning that changes are to be implemented shortly, as well as mentioning what the changes will entail and when they will be binding.



Those receiving any of the communications, information, newsletters, digital advertising 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L receive them for the following reasons:

– By online registration from this page.

– By online registration from the pages of collaborators.

– By requesting information about our products and services.

–  For having provided your information to any of our collaborators or employees.

– By offline registration when filling out forms, newsletters, requests, etc. that are offered at fairs, offices, or collaborations, among others, and that are archived for further verification for a period of 5 years.

Our communications do not want to reach any person who does not want it, therefore, and in order to correct the situation that can sometimes occur, such as unconsented logins from someone unauthorized to it, we have incorporated a subscription process to filter these problems, based on a “no contact list”, preventing commercial communications being sent to any email address included in it.

Therefore, if you do not want to receive commercial communications from us and to prevent anyone from discharging you against your will, please contact us through the method established in each processing activity and we will include in the “no contact list” the address from which the data processing cancellation is requested.

If you have any problem doing it online, do not hesitate to contact via telephone number during office hours, and a person will attend you personally to perform this procedure.


The governing law for any dispute or conflict that may arise or for any interpretation of the terms and conditions contained in this legal disclaimer, as well as any matter concerning the services provided through this website, will be the one from the Kingdom of Spain.

In order to solve any conflict that may arise while navigating this website 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L and the user agree that the jurisdiction will be submitted to the commerce courthouses of Madrid taking into account that legislation regarding consumers could apply, turning that jurisdiction a non-exclusive one, depending on the specific case and said consumer condition that users could hold.


Copyright: Design and development by 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L © 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L all rights reserved.


If you hold the consumer position, we offer you warranties about the products that we may sell through this website under the legal requirements for the specific product provided.

The controller 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L with CIF number B86853579.

Complaint forms are available for consumers at our head offices 380 AROUND MARKETING S.L at the address Avda. de la Iglesia 7 C.P.: 28223 – Pozuelo de Alarcón  (MADRID). Also you can contact us at our email

According to European and Spanish legislation regarding consumer rights, we offer the chance of this link as an online complaint mechanism complying with article 14 contained in Regulation (EU) No 524/2013. The European Commission has this platform at the consumer’s disposal here: