380corner, a new content channel

We have always thought there is a similarity between life and a soccer match. Those intense 90 minutes that can raise passions, make our skin crawl, make us cry and laugh, sometimes even at the same time.

Trial and error.

"The ball is round, the game lasts ninety minutes, and everything else is just theory."

(Josef (Seep) Herberger)

Things we learned from the king of sports: That you don't lose or win until the whistle blows at the end of the game and that in the meantime you must keep playing. That a victory doesn't make you a victor forever, and for that reason you must add a handful of enthusiasm and tons of motivation to your hard work and effort. We learned that, by playing, you can make great friends and form a good team. And, by good, we don't only mean the fact of surrounding yourself with the best, but that each of the pieces that make up the team vibrate in the same frequency and that they are exactly that, a team: a sum of forces and work pointing in the same direction.

380amk, a new journey

Our team, 380amk, continues its journey because of our bonds, seeking to add value to the sports sector. In short, this new section is and will be the result of the learning that this long and exciting journey has given us.

Today, we take again our corner, yours, from where from now on we will share our concerns, experiences and learnings to once again keep the ball rolling.

We will talk about sport and business, about the evolution of marketing in its different sectors and how all of this affects the world of sport. We will get in touch with relevant people in the industry and we will try to provide you with interesting and current content so that together we can create a community and share opinions and debates as what we are: a team.

This space will be a new content channel: post, audiovisual material, podcast... that, as we say, will grow over time.

Share with us

It will be a pleasure for all of us to expand and be able to join your ideas with our team, to share information, doubts and proposals with us through our email:  comunicacion@380amk.com

¿Quieres unirte? Bienvenido.