adidas runners iberia

A challenge. To bring running to the streets of Madrid, Barcelona and the rest of the peninsula through weekly activations in the most iconic places of each city. In less than 5 years we have managed to position adidas runners as the largest community of runners in Spain. What will the next adidas challenge be to continue to build loyalty among its running customers around the world?


From content creation to daily events, combining specific trainings with meetings of +300 people in high performance clinics formats. A community that hasn’t stopped growing and counts with thousands of followers all over Spain. 


Big events


Community members




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A line of communication that varies every year in accordance with the strategy set by adidas corporate. Reinventing ourselves every year is not a problem, it is a motivating challenge.

Coaches máximo nivel

Management of the most relevant coaches, pacers and influencers in the Iberian running scene. A community led by Chema Martínez in Madrid and Carles Castillejo in Barcelona, two flagships of athletics in Spain who plan, guide and coordinate all professionals.